Radiology & Medical Imaging

Radiology and medical imaging services are available for all family members, which we provide with all care, so that your family can enjoy comfort and peace of mind. Out of our keenness to educate patients, we introduce them to all the goals and details at every stage of the radiographic procedures.

The Radiology Department employs the latest technological technologies to provide radiology services and diagnostic and interventional medical imaging. The doctors and technicians of the Radiology Department are distinguished by their distinguished experience in their field, which qualifies them to provide a comprehensive set of medical examinations and conduct high-quality radiography to ensure accurate diagnosis and timely delivery of reports.

The Radiology Department offers a wide range of services, including:

Ultrasound examinations

  • Pregnancy sonar
  • Normal and quadruple sonar
  • Abdomen, pelvis, breast, thyroid gland, superficial tissues

Doppler Examinations and Blood

  • Vessels arteries. Kidneys and Liver
  • Transplanted kidneys and livers
  • Pregnancy Doppler

Regular X-ray Examinations

  • Bone and Joint X-rays
  • Spinal X-ray
  • Mammogram


  • Accurate imaging of spine and joints
  • Accurate imaging of brain and blood vessels
  • Organ imaging of abdominal and pelvic
  • Imaging of all soft tissues
  • Imaging of micro cardiology

CT Scan

  • Diagnosis of chest and respiratory diseases
  • Diagnosis of orthopedic diseases and injuries example: fractures and tumors x-rays
  • Detection of brain diseases tumor and internal bleeding follow up

Osteoporosis Screening

  • Used for examining bone health
  • Prediction of osteoporosis

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Mohammad Habeeb

    Radiology Specialist
  • Dr. Salwa Mahmoud

    Radiology Doctor
  • Dr. Sally Ebeid

    Radiology Doctor
  • Dr. Ahmed Khedewy

    Radiology Doctor