Plastic Surgery:

Sidra Kuwait Hospital offers various specialized plastic surgeries, with high efficiency and complete safety, at competitive prices.

Body contouring surgeries and liposuction of the abdomen, back, arms and thighs:
– Tightening the body with the J-Plasma device to treat sagging skin without effects.
– Body sculpting using the latest Vaser technology.
– Fat injection to lift and enlarge the chest and buttocks.

Abdominoplasty and waist:
– Sculpting the waist and highlighting the buttocks.
– Surgical tightening of the abdomen.
– Body contouring operations after weight loss or after sleeve gastrectomy.

Beautification and tightening of the arms or thighs:
– Liposuction of the arms and thighs with Vaser, with skin tightening with a G-plasma device.
– Fat injection by hand to add freshness and treat wrinkles.
– Surgical skin tightening of the arms from a hidden incision under the armpit.
– Surgical skin tightening of the thighs.

Breast augmentation:
– Breast augmentation with the best and safest types of silicone fillers, or by self-fat injection.
– Surgical breast reduction with lifting and tightening.
– Breast lift using own breast tissue, silicone implants, or fat injection.

Treatment of gynecomastia in men:
– Areola reduction and surgical skin tightening.
– Excision of breast tissue from a small, inconspicuous opening.
– Vaser liposuction with skin tightening with the G-plasma device.

– Lifting the nose, defining and highlighting the tip of the nose.
– Reduction of the nose, narrowing of the nostrils.
– Excess bone protrusion treatment.
– Treatment of deviated nose.

– The work of the permanent or temporary dimple in the cheek.
– The procedure is done in the clinic, with local anesthesia.

Eyelid surgery:
– Lifting the upper and lower eyelids, to treat wrinkles and excess skin.
– Removal of fatty bags in the eyelids.
– Fat injection to hide halos and hollows around the eyes.
– Cheek lift with lower eyelid surgery.

Face and neck aesthetics:
– Wrinkle removal using filler and Botox injections.
– Self-fat injection for freshness and facelift.
– Liposuction treatment with Vaser skin tightening.
– Face and neck lift surgery.
– Otoplasty, lip aesthetics.

We offer you the best and safest types of Botox and fillers, to achieve the best results.

Botox injections for facial beautification:
Botox hides the wrinkles that appear in the face with different expressions, giving a more youthful appearance, and positively changing the appearance of the person from the appearance of stress and anxiety to a calm and natural appearance.

Botox treats:
– Frown wrinkles between the eyebrows, which give the impression of anger.
– Wrinkles around the eyes when talking and laughing.
– Occasional wrinkles in the middle of the forehead.
– Wrinkles on both sides of the nose.
– Botox injections to lift the eyebrows:
– Botox can easily and safely lift eyebrows, while treating facial wrinkles.
– Botox injections to treat a gummy smile:
– A smile that shows the gums can be treated, so that you can smile and laugh freely.

Botox injections to beautify the chin and neck (Nefertiti):
– Botox treats and tightens the skin of the neck and lower jaw, allowing for better definition of the neck and chin.
– Botox injections to treat excessive sweating:
– Botox treats excessive sweating in the armpits and palms easily and safely.

– Filler treats fixed wrinkles in the face, and compensates for the loss of volume or fat in the face as a result of losing weight or with the passage of days.

Facial lines:
– Fillers help treat smile lines between the nose and mouth, and the lines between the mouth and chin.

Around the eyes:
– The filler helps to hide the circles under the eyes.
– Fills in gaps and fine wrinkles.
– Helps raise eyebrows.

– Define lip contour.
– Highlighting and enlarging the lips.

– Highlighting the cheekbones to show facial features.
– Helps to lift the middle part of the face.
– Treatment of atrophy of the cheeks with weight loss.
– Cheek augmentation and lifting.

Chin and lower jaw:
– Defining and highlighting the chin and lower jaw (Texas).
– Helps to tighten the lower part of the face.

Rhinoplasty without surgery:
In some cases, the filler helps to beautify the nose and hide its imperfections.