Orthopedic Clinic

The Department of Orthopedics at Sidra Kuwait Hospital announces the provision of diagnostic and treatment services for all cases of injuries and diseases of the bones and joints, treatment of osteoporosis, conservative treatment of fractures and their follow-up, and it provides local injection services for tendons and joints with platelet-rich plasma using the latest technology and hyaluronic injections for roughness of the joints, as well as performing one-day surgeries such as Carpal tunnel resection (hand nerve resection). The tendon straightening (thumb and the rest of the fingers) and synovial sacs are wired, with emergency service available around the clock.

Services and treatments:

  • Follow-up cases of fractures of all degrees.
  • Follow-up cases of pelvic and acetabular fractures.
  • Sports injuries cases (cut cartilage and cruciate ligament).
  • Spinal pain and cartilage diseases (without surgery).
  • Local injections of plasma and hyaluronic acid injections in joints.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of children’s deformities (fetal dislocation).
  • Cases of osteoporosis and their treatment.