We know that the hospital reception and the receptionist, or a helpdesk, is often the first link for the many patients and visitors who come to hospital. Our receptionists are seen as the professional and friendly face of the hospital and are carefully trained to offer a calm and efficient service to visitors, some of whom may be feeling understandably anxious.

Our hospital receptionists greet visitors and check them in, to comply with building procedures, before redirecting them to their destination. Our receptionists undergo client specific training and have the knowledge and experience to ensure the visitor experience is as good as it can be, even calling upon some of the other healthcare services that we provide as and when required, for example, portering or pointing the way to that comforting cup of tea in one of our catering outlets.

Our versatile reception staff may also undertake administrative work, call handling or mail services and in some cases (following the appropriate training) may be required to act as fire wardens. Some of our clients operate a 24/7 reception service and our carefully-vetted staff may be responsible for key handling or security as our one of our main concerns is the safety of all patients and visitors.