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  • What is needed to open a file in the hospital?
    The original civil ID
  • What documents are needed for labor admission?
    For labor cases civil ID for both husband & wife as well as marriage certificate, for Kuwaiti & citizens, passports for non-Kuwaiti
  • What documents are needed for admission of surgical cases?
    The patient must read & sign consent form. If the patient is below the age of 21 the father must sign, in addition to civil ID, & passports for non-Kuwait
  • What is needed for insurance cases?
    Must bring insurance card & civil ID
  • How do I get the ministry or syndicate discounts?
    Must have work ID or salary certificate
  • Can the hospital issue back dated sick leave?
    No, the sick leave is issued on the day you visited the hospital
  • When can I receive authenticated sick leave certificate?
    It usually takes a week from the date of your visit
  • What about un-authenticated sick leave?
    It usually takes two days from the date of your visit
  • What documents do I need to show to receive the medical reports and/or sick leave?
    Original civil ID of the patient
  • What documents do I need to receive the laboratory results?
    Original civil ID of the patient or the original receipt
  • Can I get the results through the phone?
    Sorry we cannot but we can e-mail results to your private e-mail provided you sign the relevant consent when giving the specimen
  • Can GB stones be fragmented?
  • How GB stones are treated?
    GB is removed endoscopic surgery.
  • Which bariatric surgery (weight-reducing surgery) is best for me?
    The surgeon decides best procedure to be done for you based on his clinical examination, health status, height, and BMI.
  • What are possible complications of bariatric surgery?
    Surgeons in our hospital use latest surgical procedures, techniques and instrumentation to decrease the complication rate.
  • Are there any complications after piles operation?
    Surgeons in our hospital use latest surgical procedures, techniques, and instrumentation to decrease the complication rate.
  • Is there pain after piles or anal fissure surgery?
    Suitable analgesics are given to patient in a safe dose before pain starts.
  • How umbilical or inguinal hernias are treated?
    They are repaired surgically using surgical mesh to strengthen the defect and avoid recurrence.
  • What is surgical mesh which is used in hernia repair?
    It is a woven synthetic plastic like material.
  • When should my newly born baby be circumcised?
    Preferably in the first week.
  • If I missed first week to circumcise my baby, what shall I do?
    Baby can be circumcised by local anesthesia till he reaches 5-6 months old depending on his weight, after that, general anesthesia is routinely used.
  • Is there much bleeding during circumcision?
    Surgeons in our hospital use latest surgical procedures techniques, and instrumentation to decrease the complication rate.
  • When could fetal heart beats be detected?
    Fetal heart beats could be detected after 6 weeks by trans-abdominal ultrasound
  • Why is ultrasound done in early pregnancy?
    To make sure pregnancy is inside the uterus & measure fetal nape which may lead to early detection of congenital anomalies
  • When could fetal sex be determined?
    According to American Association of pregnancy fetal gender is best determined at 20 weeks, but in Sidra Hospital we can determine in 16- 17 weeks
  • What is the difference between normal & detailed Obstetric sonar and 4D sonar?
    The normal obstetric shows general information of the fetus, the 4D ultrasound shows detailed anomaly, different fetal parts, & sometimes the fetal features
  • Does 4D ultrasound show fetal hair & skin color?
  • What is the Difference between 4D Sonar and 3D Sonar & which is best month to have it?
    3D ultrasound shows still images, while 4D ultrasound shows video with fetal movements, It is best done from 23 to 28 weeks (during 6 month) for best results, still baby position plays important factor
  • Why to do Mammogram?
    Mammogram is a good tool for screening & early detection of cancer breast for ladies above 40 years of age (accuracy 75- 90 %)
  • What is DEXA scan?
    X-ray examination which measures bone mineral density mostly Calcium which is important to avoid pathological fractures
  • When we do DEXA scan?
    At age of 50 years, or before that if the patient has any thyroid diseases or renal failure
  • What is HSG & when it is done?
    It is an exam using contrast to examine uterine cavity & patency of the Fallopian tubes, usually done in the 9th & 10th day of the menstrual cycle
  • When may I visit the doctor for delayed pregnancy?
    Delayed pregnancy is failure of conception for at least one year with continuous marital relation. In some cases, you may visit the doctor even before if the wife is above 35 years or has irregular menstrual cycles, or if wife suffers coital problems
  • What are the causes of delayed pregnancy?
    – 30% due to husband causes like decrease in number or weak motility of sperms.
    – 30% due to wife causes like weak ovulation, polycystic ovarian disease, or blocked Fallopian tubes.
    – 30% common causes between husband and wife.
    – 10% still unknown cause.
  • When should I visit the doctor after I know I am pregnant?
    As soon as possible, in the first visit the doctor will tell you that the pregnancy is inside the uterus, hear fetal heart beats (at 6th week of pregnancy), and single or multiple pregnancies.
  • How often should I visit the doctor for pregnancy follow up?
    It is every month in first 6 month, then every 2 weeks in 7th and 8th month, then weekly in the 9th month.
  • What are types of vitamins pregnant woman should take?
    Folic acid in the first 3 months, then multi-vitamins together with Iron and Calcium from the 4th month, the doctor follows up your needs depending on your diet and laboratory test results.
  • Is Folic acid important for fetal health?
    It’s very important in the first 3 months, as deficiency may lead to congenital malformations, placental abruption, or even abortion.
  • Why & when ultrasound is done during pregnancy?
    Ultrasound is of utmost importance at the end of the 3rd & 5th months to make sure there are no congenital anomalies. 4D can be done at 26-28 weeks which gives good imaging and diagnostic features of the baby, and elaborates detection of congenital anomalies. Ultrasound is done 5-6 times during pregnancy especially in the middle of the 9th month to detect fetal position, fetal weight, and placental location.
  • Is breast milk considered enough for my baby?
    Usually the mother asks whether my breast milk enough or not? She feels the amount is not enough, or very light and the baby is still hungry. So she usually stops the breast milk and shifts to bottle feeding! The mother has to know that the amount of breast milk will increase with repeated process of baby sucking not to by artificial nipple or suction devices. Regular visits to the doctor will evaluate the suitable increase in weight.
  • My child is using the Nebulizer; will he be dependent on it for life?
    Most mothers think that if her child uses nebulizer, he will be addicted to or adapted for it. The nebulizer is used for the treatment of asthma. So, if the asthma is repeated or the child is exposed to the same precipitating causes of asthma he will use the nebulizer. The best treatment is to avoid the cause triggering asthma or use prophylactic medications to prevent recurrence.
  • Is Chicken Pox vaccine safe?
    The Varlix vaccine (Vaccine of Chicken-Pox) is safe at the age of 1 year, has no side effects. Two doses are given. However, you must avoid exposing your child to chicken-pox infection.
  • If my child has caught chicken Pox may I give the vaccine to other siblings or not?
    Better to give the vaccine on the first 24 hours to other siblings, It will prevent the infection or at least decrease the severity of the disease.
  • What is the best treatment for neonatal Jaundice?
    Most mothers believe that exposure to Sun or Neon Lamp or giving some herbal drinks would cure neonatal jaundice. But in fact, such approach is useless. The level of bilirubin must be checked and according to the age, and weight of the baby, the pediatrician will decide the proper treatment.